From the Bible to optimize the nobility baby Shanghai Longfeng Enlightenment three

log and statistics

rich web content

every day to add a page means to update the content. The site is the need to accumulate in order to keep the occurrence cause qualitative change in the results. For some large sites, a lot of content is user generated, but for a small website, if you want to have more opportunities to be retrieved, if you want the user to browse the website has more things, then please seriously updated every day at least one page, which is in the accumulation of energy for the future.

Type Research on

if you want to expand the business to the Internet, it is best not to put their website into booklet type (optional content site), it is not conducive to the user to browse. But to consider what users really want, on the user’s point of view only, in order to be accepted by the user. For example, some button is redundant, some pictures are necessary, some of the text can modify or delete etc.. In addition, in his article, try not to too much for their own advertising. Because it will cause the user antipathy, so as to leave your site.

the content of the website should be diversity, but the diversity index is related to your industry or indirectly related to the content. For example, can go to some good blogs, forums, industry site, see what others are talking about some of what, which had made the content of your website, in short, enrich your site, let him become more readable, it can produce more viscous to the user.

log and statistics respectively have different functions, is a guiding significance for the web site. When the site optimization after a period of time, check the log can be found more spiders where the residence time, the number of crawling is wide, so that you can side.

brochure website

export link (Links)

every day to add a page

noble Baby Bible refers to the export link optimization is usually what we call Links. For Links, I want to share their impressions of the three, the first is not only focused on the home page, the inside pages of some websites also worth our exchange; second is the best related industry, which helps the search engine to determine the theme of the site; third other site is the best health, if there are any problems, do do not link, otherwise will be implicated.

in the last two articles, and we have been talking about the sixteen point Shanghai Longfeng enlightenment, in which each point represents my understanding and knowledge of Shanghai dragon, the optimization of the site may be different, the way is also different. But for some small sites or independent blog, using the above method is effective, he is not above strategy more and more knowledge, some small problems should pay attention to the details and Shanghai dragon. Today, then on the two articles, continue to write some enlightenment to the rest, we also welcome more exchanges.

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