How do the website editor implement content

writing good written by someone who tends to get the favor of others, as the website content, but also to reflect the site and a fair and objective language organizational ability, let users believe that the website to convey the contents is to have credibility, as A5’s article and many personal blogger articles, also said the Shanghai Dragon. But in terms of A5 and management can get significantly more readers.


2: love Shanghai included and surge, burst and reduction, always keep in a minimal amount of

is not formed by the text, there are various aspects of graphic mix, data analysis and so on, to do well the quality, the ability to edit not less than, I personally think that in terms of the number of words, the arrangement form should be studied in many aspects, make the article more readable and informative data, users and search engine.


this is everybody in understanding the content is king the wrong way, the content is a web site of the soul, like a true to life has its own thought is known as the "people", a web site does not own any of the things in which all of the users, but can not see. No, the search engine attract, user jump out rate is high, that do not get any benefit. Of course in many high weight site, should be regarded as a different matter reproduced some high quality articles effect generated by the. So how to implement the "content is king"

1: the content page no ranking, the poor little every day flow;

100 people write an article is not the Shanghai as steeped in love as like as two peas, Chinese search search engine in ten years, has a huge database at the same time, has been able to distinguish between the original and pseudo original articles, collection of good, so different from other sites, so its original is indispensable, so high quality the article how to write? Through our experience, give some tips:

1: official language

4: the user to go, not what attract customers to stay for a period of time.

2: good article editing ability of

content is king is actually Shanghai dragon in the U.S. learned the first sentence, then certainly can give.

two: the content of the website ranking support to do

: high quality original articles

content is king, this is the most webmaster to study in Shanghai Longfeng data in the first sentence, the words from a certain meaning, fully illustrates the importance of the content, but in actual operation, many owners in order to save, or lack of energy, are copied, collected, in order to enrich the pursuit of website content the number of pages included. But this operation we see very intuitive has two consequences in many sites:


3: ranking tepid, it is difficult to obtain better promotion;

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