Longfeng hot issue in Shanghai there is always that you don’t know on

(2) must be set up and make 301 jump and jump between old and new content capture, for a period of time until a new web page collection and sorting to achieve a relatively stable and good condition "between the old and new

official reply: gzip has no effect on the included and weight. The only effect on the search engine, is the capture speed will be faster. In contrast to the current is being promoted, faster website can obtain the user and search engine’s goodwill, and to promote the use of gzip compression in the webmaster website optimization Webmaster Platform suggestions, enhance the site speed.

(1) website carefully, make sure it is necessary under the condition of



Note: the

(1) in a short period of time, two level domain domain name frequently change two directory exchange and URL rules change frequently and so on;




1. server replacement if the effects of the

under normal circumstances, the website for their performance in the search engine will produce a little loss, once these problems will make the loss of expansion, this is our webmaster and do not want to see, therefore, hope that the Webmaster:


Lee of Shanghai love Shanghai webmaster webmaster dragon also answered many times, last time in college [Lee on] line webmaster activities and the webmaster of online communication, answering the webmaster, general webmaster team released love Shanghai answer is very convincing, because they are the leading authority is the most important, love Shanghai, so owners are more willing to accept the love of Shanghai LEE team to answer, and in the actual optimization process, there will be a lot of new questions, and sometimes will get the wrong answer, this is likely to affect the optimization of novice later, so in the novice contact Shanghai dragon is not necessary when started to ask, you can see the love of Shanghai LEE answers first, will benefit from the infinite, the correct view of Shanghai dragon. Because of the lengthy, divided into 2 parts.

(4) after the website is not in Webmaster Platform or submitted for a long period of time after the submission.

(2) and "between set 301 jump or a very short period of time to stop the 301 jump;

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(3) when you do website preparations, please login Webmaster Platform website tools and submit the relevant data.

2. gzip compression on the site included and weight had no effect on

(3) old web pages within a short period of time will not be able to access;

official reply: in principle is not. Unless the new server too bad, or the server failed to access every two or three days, from domestic to foreign exchange, which is likely to be harmonious.

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