How to let the spider love love Shanghai on your website

really high quality original content, should be from the user’s point of view, to provide effective information for the users, such as tourism website, you can write some to the basic necessities of life, all over the country to some tourist destinations, or some tourists travel experience and so on. Only from the perspective of users, to provide users with useful information, so as to effectively improve the site’s viscosity. When you love your website, naturally collection and even help you promote your website, imagine, this site, "


do a lot of optimization friends complain love Shanghai included slow, or love Shanghai long assessment period. But in fact I think love Shanghai for the new station is more and more fast response. More properly, it should be love Shanghai more and more mature. I tested whether the content included, or the chain included, the response speed of love Shanghai is more and more fast. Those who complain love friends in Shanghai, imagine that you have no love for Shanghai spiders love on your website, or whether the spider love Shanghai every day to visit your website? If the spider doesn’t love you or love Shanghai station, spiders never talk about what, but as a collection? A new station, Shanghai is the first step to attract love spiders, below I will tell you how to attract the spider love Shanghai, and I hope to help you!

and some friends love making content using pseudo original tools, the approach is very simple, is to draw out some words and some related website title or statement, and then with a long novel, the two order a be made one, article pseudo original article. Before this method is indeed a good way to love Shanghai spiders is a machine, not ordinary people can distinguish the content of the website is smooth, whether can convey specific information, it will only from the length of the original conditions, and the correlation to judge whether the content of quality content. But since October this year since I love to update, Shanghai changed the strategy in dealing with this aspect of the content, after October that this kind of website, right down to the right down, K was K. Good rankings have few, so I suggest you do not use this method.

is a content building site structure and website. Put it in the first place, is because the website construction is to consumer groups or target customers for you. If your customers are on your website to find the information he wants, how will you love love Shanghai site? Don’t forget the love of spiders in Shanghai is in fact an ordinary visitor simulation. However, there are still a lot of friends still skimping on content development, what is more, opportunistic collected content from the internet. Hope that through this can get the favour of spiders love Shanghai. However, as everyone knows that it is against the Shanghai love love new content, high quality content preferences. Too much of the collection is not included on the site, likely will lead to K station.

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