Drunk driving after thinking love Shanghai 520 event decide on what path to follow

on the forum of stationmaster of overwhelming love Shanghai denounced the post, more than 80% of the original, I love Shanghai sites have been punished. Try to make one so why Shanghai can love the inverse? When the rise of Shanghai can not rely on us these small sites a little strength piled up? Do not know love Shanghai water boat can capsize the truth? Fall in love with a dead dog cooked in one fell swoop Aplysia, what is for what? A closer look at the love in Shanghai, it is not difficult to find, those who have a certain commercial keyword index for Shanghai love their products and portal and B2B sites occupied, this is extremely angry!

520 may >

from this change we should feel the love of Shanghai indifferent, no need for any reason, easy K station, happy monopoly, a face does not say.

however, justice, when I open the web site ranking tool to view the dynamic, let tears in my eyes, all of my site keywords ranking plummeted, it was into the abyss, between the hard half to push forward all keywords 30 websites had dropped to 100 night besides, I want to sing silently tears I send you away thousands of miles away….

today to receive the latest news, Beijing Infiniti drunk driving case owner caused two deaths and one injury, a trial was sentenced to life imprisonment, compensation 366W. This makes me shocked. Prior to this, even if such a drunk driving penalty given by the degree of harm state far not so far from shock, let people surrender now, so he could not help shouting a justice has been revived in the.

countries driving the latest sanctions has been more than a month after the provinces have been sentenced for drunk driving behavior, therefore, the people shouted in response to the country in one fell swoop brilliant.

collector, chain group tools, key words intentionally stack, I think many webmaster and I like playing a little bit more or less clever, do a little bit of hands and feet, in our view, this is the Shanghai dragon skills, and in the eyes of love Shanghai, this is the drunk driving, is cheating! Many people will ask, why love has given to Shanghai before the weight ranking? I want to say, yes, this is a Losers are always in the wrong. era, in this era of love, Shanghai is undoubtedly our king, our only the most weak subjects of the monarchy, the king Yaochen died, Chen had to die. Shanghai has a motto: love is not reported, not to

angry and helpless, is estimated in May 20th such a romantic love Shanghai gave us a blow of betrothal gifts. However, we can not be angry to 520 incidents in Shanghai and become dizzy with success, drunk driving events that combine the two heavy penalties, seems to have extremely correlation relationship, the so-called poor people must be hateful, Beijing is a poor unfortunate Infiniti owner and deserved one, and our website? Is there love Shanghai spurned why

? !

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