The website construction of the external links of soft release link

soft in the writing will mostly leave your site, to improve the site in the search included and promotion, and in many places in a soft in the keyword with a text description, with key links, using bold or italic, can better increase the link weight, but this cannot be too a piece of software, at most one or two key links is enough, too many links in the first page of the website is very difficult to pass the audit, even without audit website, will also delete, and add a lot of keywords or links in the soft, the search engine does not love, like a forum, a lot of people made the above statement has many different posts, still at the end of the article and a lot of repeat keywords and links to such posts are to be deleted without exception, phase When doing this, wasting his time and site managers tired, not as good in the article just add a link or a URL is enough, I believe that most site managers to see such a situation not to delete, but also has the reader reading value, search engines soon, Why not??

soft Wen promotion the readability of

is the most soft enterprises and individuals in the original article, the main theme in their own industry, relevant technical articles or skills, articles products enterprises mainly in the soft writing to readers useful information, to provide intellectual content for readers or customers, provide important guidance for enterprises also have the option to buy products potential customers, consumers more convincing enterprises and products, increase the trust of the company brand, attract more people’s attention, not only let people learn knowledge, but also promote and enhance their brand, high quality of soft Wen can also be automatically reproduced more, in order to get more free promotion opportunities and this is the reason why many people love to A5 webmaster and various website platform to promote your website to write text.

soft Wen promotion link correlation

in the website optimization, optimize the internal site, mainly is to update the website content and promote the construction of the external links. Now we all know, the most is in the external links in the blog promotion, Forum promotion, information publishing platform promotion, website link exchange and purchase links. Now the promotion is also very important part in the promotion of soft paper with a different

now there are many professional soft release platform, like many portals, industry can contribute, as long as the release rules of the website, the corresponding columns are likely to be approved, as quaint professional soft Wen release platform. I get a car supplies enterprise website, in the choice of soft release are related to the selection of industry forum website or blog post, in an article in a keyword with a text description, the probability of such technology or related reports and articles deleted are smaller than, or even good article it is easy to be reproduced, just help yourself.


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