To fall in love with the nameless sea K station after the latest wave of guess algorithm

record with foreign space by manual review

Gov, Edu,

with 6.22 and 6.28 in K station after the sea wave, love Shanghai made a great change on the algorithm. And gradually come into effect. Serious impact on the traditional way of Shanghai dragon. Today is the most obscure love Shanghai new algorithm do some conjecture. Not very comprehensive, for reference only. Welcome to discuss. Starting in SEMKEY.

for there is no record of the new station or foreign website space, love Shanghai increase manual audit efforts. With the Ministry of good harmony network dynamics. Also affected the weight of some websites.

gradually purchase link failureShanghai

love Shanghai the new algorithm for the website a lot of original and long time of the original site, giving higher weights. Including included, ranking and traffic. Encourage more original content and site.

link gradual failure

love the new algorithm for Gov, Edu, and other institutions to link the behavior of a general strike, love Shanghai has built a comprehensive database of relevant websites, to give a special ranking of such sites, and will not participate in such sites link to website weight calculation. Would you like to buy related value chain to practice and thinking.

love Shanghai "

love love love, share love know Shanghai Shanghai products, the new algorithm is made to reduce the weight, some weight gradually cancelled. The chain is derived to calculate the weight will not. How much is the only specific, know love Shanghai. But for the influence of the rankings are disappearing.

acquisition software enhanced

feature recognition

hidden links failure

love Shanghai the new algorithm is linked to the sale of severe punishment, the outbound links more than 40 websites, as link factories, garbage station, within six months of the station are not all link weights. For all the friends of the chain is not related to right down, about a chain of about 1/10 related websites.

love Shanghai’s own platform gradual failure

love Shanghai latest algorithm to achieve the recognition of the forum post and reply to users, love Shanghai according to some automatically sending software and affixed to the top machine top stick principle and some universal response to a feature library with this feature will be considered spam is not given the same weight, the same user duplication the post or reply is not given weight. To crack down on the influence of the rankings forum signature.

forum signature and group gradually fail and right down to

original station was given more traffic and ranking

love Shanghai’s new algorithm increases the effective identification of hidden links, hidden links are not weight. So for some black hat Shanghai dragon blow is very large.

Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar

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