The love of Shanghai 520 webmaster use update alerts tool to improve the analysis of the effect of S

in this update some webmaster speculation may be love Shanghai database problems caused by, if you really love Shanghai normal update results, so for personal webmaster and small website is undoubtedly a huge blow, a lot of keywords ranking love Shanghai’s own products and industry well-known website will be routed to the front. The change on the afternoon of May 20th has returned to normal, most of the sites included and ranking back to normal state. Love Shanghai LEE webmaster Post Bar on the love of Shanghai 520 update events in response to love Shanghai system has some conditions in the process of updating data, problems are discovered, already at noon on May 20th to repair, there are still some content due to cache and other reasons is more new, soon returned to normal. The love in the future Shanghai will strengthen the corresponding safeguard mechanism, to prevent the recurrence of similar problems. Sorry to let everyone also caused some misunderstanding.

data query tools to effectively deal with search engine update

early in the morning of May 20, 2011, ushered in a routine update in the sea. But this update has had a deep impact, is destined to become the personal webmaster and major websites unforgettable day. This update covers a wide range, including a personal website and most of the well-known large sites love Shanghai ranks are affected, especially the search engine for high dependence on the personal webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er, this update is absolutely love this year the biggest adjustment in Shanghai. Almost all of the keyword search results are the page ranking after the shift, the page weight to move all, including the home page, which also has a lot of love within Shanghai’s own page. Taobao is a serious loss of customers. The portal page rankings, Shanghai love their products page (such as the love of Shanghai Library), Sina blog, blog page also NetEase in the front row but also make the industry of this update is not connected. Less personal webmaster response website not only website main keywords ranking fell within the pages of keywords has also been seriously affected. This update is set off a great disturbance in the internet.

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love Shanghai 520 event is a false alarm, but for personal webmaster, large website and Shanghai dragon ER is important for individual owners is undoubtedly a warning. If you love Shanghai or Google and other search engines again this kind of problem, and a normal update category, so how to deal with the webmaster should become a question. Compared to the Internet well-known websites, small website and Shanghai dragon Er dependent on search engine is higher, if not timely updates for search engines to make adjustments, even if the site service products do well, in the fierce market competition, it is difficult to obtain a place. Especially in the current Internet monopoly trend, the giants have entered the e-commerce industry and market segments products under the situation of small and medium-sized websites only grasp the search engine change, learned resourcefulness, timely adjustment of strategies, make correct optimization of the situation "

love Shanghai "520" incident warning station how resourceful

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