The reform of Shanghai Longfeng middle class road

with the development of Shanghai dragon industry, industry webmaster type from the technology support early "one day", now non technical personnel have been popular, among several times change dynasties. Shanghai Longfeng industry in the middle class, is a non technical personnel proportion of a class of the highest. Many webmaster and not the computer curriculum, but only by the master. Small in Shanghai dragon industry rolled down the years, found in the concept of non technical personnel, there is always a very big misunderstanding, is exaggerated technology. When a lot of ER * * * Shanghai Longfeng there are too many ideas, at the time of implementation has met great difficulties, they think, if there is a technical problem of talent can be smoothly done or easily solved, it is a big fallacy. Technical personnel often have a market monopoly, is the genius of high-end technical talents tend to choose their own businesses, and high-end technical talents of ordinary and mainly by large company monopoly, finally able to middle-class Shanghai dragon ER available technical personnel, often belong to middle and low level. In such a situation, and in the technology competition, is in fact very foolish. In fact, if the Shanghai dragon ER in technology can only achieve the basic level, and then to development of their technical level, as do the centralized service industry speculators. To be a successful service industry is the essence of speculators, only a long-term vision of the manipulator behind the scenes, you can climb the peak of Shanghai dragon industry.

The so-called

centralized service industry speculators, is to give up the creation process of the most primitive, and direct selling goods. This is a bit like venture capitalists, they do often only three things, the sale of services, the development of ideas, to buy skills. Shanghai dragon ER service focus is in accordance with the way to go. One is to sell services, such as community service. Accumulated capital and contacts through excellent service. "

Shanghai dragon industry as a relatively low entry threshold of the industry, while taking into account the characteristics of emerging industry, it has become the various industries, the most serious polarization of A. Shanghai dragon industry knowledge system is different, there are a variety of classes. But the number of the largest proportion, is a middle class. The so-called Shanghai Longfeng middle class, is to have their own website, have a certain understanding of Shanghai dragon industry in Shanghai Longfeng industry also has a certain foundation and achievement, but stuck in no way to break the bottleneck suspended in midair, the webmaster. This kind of webmaster like society in the middle class, has a certain status in the society, but not always among the upper class, but could not find a breakthrough point. The middle class is a large flow of Shanghai Longfeng, is to maintain the constant factors in Shanghai Longfeng industry. But I believe that no middle class Shanghai dragon ER did not want to join high, really want to suddenly find a "reform" road of their own, and not so difficult.

weaknesses, do service centralized industry speculators

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