The site is down right should love Shanghai fast processing and analysis


, title, keyword, description blog. Love is the latest snapshot of Shanghai site:***贵族宝贝 title, but site:www.***贵族宝贝 is the original title.

in Hongkong on the same host, the IP website has more than 90, not.

six, the content of the website contains a Trojan virus or Trojan infection, so that visitors to the computer security threats.

Use the latest version of WordPresss

two, website optimization excessive, such as title, keyword, alt, description, excessive repetition for keywords to optimize, generally will be down right rarely blocked.


fourth, this is not a.

five, the content of the website in violation of relevant state laws and regulations, such as jurisprudence, gambling, drug-related and other illegal information.

three, the website to export links too much, may be right down.

This is not This is a recent change to

seven, if the same IP other space existing in the user behavior, the worst case, Shanghai will love the space IP blacklisted, with all IP sites will be blocked with. This situation often occurs in the outside space.

blog, believe that the security of WordPresss, this would not have.

my blog from no use of black hat optimization method of a blog, a non-profit personal blog, there is no need for the black hat.

, a website using the black links to black hat optimization, blocked high probability.

site tampering by hackers, such as web site was hacked, was linked to the black links lots of others.

, website external links everywhere, not more than 10, and I checked, no drop right or be K phenomenon Links blog and my blog.

in October 23rd, Er also saw Shanghai dragon are talking about the love Shanghai upgrade anti cheating algorithms (hyperlink algorithm, cheating upgrade) many websites affected after a few days, the website ranking, Baidu included a substantial reduction in the overall decline; my blog has also been some impact: site:www.***贵族宝贝 no home page snapshot love, from the original Shanghai search keyword can row in the first page of the love of Shanghai, now only row to the fifth page, now only site:***贵族宝贝 can see the snapshot of the blog page. Does my blog is love Shanghai drop right? Now to control analysis of the predecessors experience sharing: love is the sea K or drop right mainly what?

personal blog, share life matters, there is no violation of the relevant provisions of the state’s content.

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