With this method the product is no longer difficult to expand keywords

…The first one: keyword?Key words:

I will make a table with a cotton swab industry as the core, to my brainstorm words, may be:

mining second strokes: brainstorming

borrow arrows with thatched boats we all know the story, then we make the promotion can borrow to change the way of doing things allusions to us? Of course! We must skillfully wind, it must borrow.

these days reading loose loose when the blog, see what is called a "three brother" to write "three days thirty thousand key screen PowerWord" article, writing is really good, we can do the enterprise website promotion webmaster have a very good guide, but as I read two articles three brother after I found three brother to talk about is not too detailed, such as keywords or title selection, three brother explained at least not the result that I want, at least this is my personal feelings after reading some of it, so I write this article, mainly as a supplement of three jin. Just my personal opinion.

industrial supply of cotton, cotton industry manufacturers, industrial cotton prices, cotton industry brand, industrial cotton procurement, sales of cotton industry, cotton industry wholesale, industrial cotton trading etc..

Of course, this is just a part of the

Industrial cotton as an example, I used to brainstorm to broaden the word

I think, in order to let the article is more concise, not list. Want to come out of the above words is a part of my thought, if your company (promotion department or the Ministry of electricity providers) many people, that you wish to use the collective brainstorming, effect to be better than one hundred times.

? Keywords Keywords …

keyword mining on

brainstorming asked us not to use any tools, only by thinking of their own brain, set out the part we can think of the words, at least I do. Although the company I am a person doing promotion, also cannot be called "storm", or at least a little wind, ha ha…

nonsense not say, the wasted loose blog traffic, ha ha…

mining third measure: the art of Dongfeng

industrial clean cotton, cotton swab, swabs, purified cotton…… (not cite, avoid advertising)

the purpose of this paper: I usually work in search of keywords of experience to share with everyone, let the owners are no longer engaged in network promotion because it could not find the right keywords and worry. [the following article I will illustrate, make it easier for everyone to understand!]

this requires you to find the core website, what is the core word? Is the subject you want to optimization of products, competition of words, can let you in order to promote the "sweat" of the word, as I now the promotion enterprise website is the industry of cotton, is what I do to find the

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