Teach you a simple way to understand the long tail keywords optimization

mining can use the long tail word related tools, such as webmaster tools, love stand tools are, only need to enter the core words, will dig out the long tail of Related words, the webmaster can then find some suitable words to optimize.

This paper consists of The density of

four, the chain

to pull the film (贵族宝贝komovie.cn), please indicate the address.

two, the content page ranking

three, the density of

love, Shanghai state are now show their products, even if the content page optimization is again good, also very difficult to go beyond its own products, so this time we need to know the platform in Shanghai love to do drainage, we can according to the long tail word to publish a know, then leaving the site, so that when users visit, there will be a great chance to come to your site by web site. But because the love of Shanghai now is very strict, so that the platform to stay outside the chain has been very difficult, but it can not stop us Shanghai dragon, you can change a form to convey the information to the user, so as to achieve the effect of. Of course, in addition to Shanghai know love, you can also use Sogou ask and 360 questions, asked the two platform will be relatively better.

article suggests that sit within the chain, effectively increase the weight transfer between pages, improve the user experience and spider crawling.

for the old webmaster, a website traffic depends entirely on the keyword index, a lot of Shanghai who will do the main dragon core words, but these words often flow is not considerable, and the degree of competition is also great, optimization of normal way should be the first to start from the long tail word, long tail word based, supplemented by the core words. When the line on the website, you can start the optimization work. For many beginners, most keywords are through the shot in the forehead to come out, often these words are not very accurate, I just contact Shanghai dragon is the case, so here to introduce the optimization of long tail keywords.

five, all the long tail word and address the long term record, to facilitate the optimization work.

The correlation between drainageWe all know that


is not good to control, generally about five hundred words in two to three keywords on the OK, and can use color or bold way highlights.

, a mining long tail word tool

content page and page ranking is ranked as the name suggests, is a reason, is mainly related to the long tail word appeared in the title and description, and content quality must be high, the original is necessary, and reasonable layout in the chain, do the user experience first, if you do not understand what is the user experience, you can go to a spam (advertising or can not find the content they want) and a formal comparison website you know.

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