Shanghai dragon stage summary site to site promotion drops half

second, see flow statistics, look at the overall flow and the flow of long tail keywords, if unstable situation, record and make adjustments, strengthen the external links on some pages, and pay attention to the correlation, if some of the page has not included, step by step to find the source and solve the IIS log analysis.

Journal of

fourth, soft writing: a method is often used in soft Wen promotion, although my style of writing is very general, but I love writing, write some of users something of value, or the last phase of the work summary, to high quality.

third, update the blog: I have not used the group blog, is a manual update, updated daily number is not very large, the weekly update 2-3 article pseudo original article, the weight of the blog is also quite good, at the beginning of the article are without external links, now gradually in the post add anchor text when the chain, YAHOO still can query.

, the first web content update: every day will need to update the content, from the relevant industry forum, portal website, rival mining related content for finishing, every day to ensure the update, and some illustrated the way to update every day, adhere to write one or two pieces of original articles, original articles must be related and the relevant website.

station since the first half of the year, every day in the busy, repeated every day in some work, every day there are new discoveries and new problems in Shanghai Road dragon on the optimal harvest a lot also learned a lot, to share with you today my website optimization promotion since the first half of the bit by bit, these details are a part of your daily work, this paper summarizes, I hope everyone has their own share of Shanghai dragon, common progress.

third, every day through the overall statistics website long tail keywords new expansion and copywriting, reasonable into the article, because the Shanghai dragon is so every day, days and months multiplying, has always insisted on. And through some of the search rankings to pay attention to the latest events, if their web related or indirectly related events, will organize materials, the preparation of the corresponding soft release.

, every day to see the site, check their website through a variety of webmaster tools included, snapshots and external links and Links, to see if there is a big change, especially if there is a Links off, another is to check the rankings, look at life and reduced overall. Handle。

website promotion arrangement:

second, to release the chain: everyone is lead spider said, I usually go to some weight high BBS hair of the chain, the number is not much, but every day, the original content to send some content slightly longer, not only is the one or two sentence type, or reply to some higher quality posts. Signature links, adhere to every day.

do daily analysis as follows:

The basic information of the first

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