Talk about the way to create several web content recipe class

2. documents will be rearranged, for example, a document is a method, then the rearranged into a document, and then modified, released into the web page. Can be written as the title >


How can the site?

some of the information above is for the more detailed information, so my idea is to find at least three copies of the information, so it can integration of all kinds of information, to lay the foundation for an article which should have the following information, recipes, practices, materials, process, and more time and making method. To do with the graphic effect will be better, such an information fusion is not difficult, it is difficult to organize, here throughout the whole thinking about it, that is the Internet information too messy, so more is that you can select a collection of information platform, never as we provide the most professional information.


is the love of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of material information, but these alone is not enough, we also need to find more information, in order to improve their own information, such as


cookbook class website content update and do good? I brought some of their own, explain we should bring high quality content for your web site, the content is king of the times, the content is not only bring traffic, more is to bring a lot of attention and the site’s authority. Content is King era is already in the extension, so in this era of the Internet, we should be how to create high quality content for your

The above is my


first of all, according to the center for relevant material knowledge, in fact, on this point, I believe many people will try to find more of the format of the data, then the data can come from where? Love Shanghai know, love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, experience and knowledge, and so on each kind of platform, provide various solutions for our knowledge but, many articles information can find more answers. Now write a recipe for example "cabbage stew tofu" to explain how we should make such a high quality content.

second, according to the document data, which is the document class platform now? Love is Shanghai library, Douding network, road passenger Baba, ask the sharing of data in these data, there are a lot of quality to find, as the above "cabbage stew tofu ", direct search can be obtained.

1. will be put on the website in the document package, as a shared download web pages available to want to learn the recipe for people to download, such as "cabbage stew tofu is set.

here to find the information of the document, then these documents have ways of dealing with the following.

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