The analysis method of a web site

website ranking, believe a word, there is no ranking, Everything is nothing, no traffic, everything will be empty, so when a site has good rankings, if it is found that this site is very characteristic, then it should be what is good about this, maybe you will be a breakthrough, some website ranking is good but the chain these are few in number, we should go to the place of. What specific treat

when you face a website, whether always want to look at some of the basic situation of the station, especially when searching for some interesting words in the title, the SERP has had some of these sites? Why would rank in front, if these words should pay attention to the Shanghai dragon, is always need to know where, and in which the analysis of a website which will be a more important part, then we should be how to analyze a site? Often at a time when companies need to understand the site how to do ah, it is necessary to analyze some other people, now I write some of their own views.

The first point: ?

second: analysis of the chain site and content; site outside the chain is that everyone should do, especially those outside the chain of small, but very good ranking sites, so this section is to say that these sites should be how to analyze the general site outside the chain very few places, need the home page ranking, the general page title and content, and the structure is very good, we should see a lot of website included little, but very good ranking station, title in general can be repeated 2-3 word keyword, keyword to actually repeat repeat, that is a superposition and outstanding the way, find a way of writing is before, and then heading back briefly with keyword, will improve the effect of the primary key; then in the description, not recommended A lot of accumulation not related words, and should be the most practical description, can explain the role of the keyword, the appropriate keyword can improve the keyword frequency with larger, although the description has not much grasp for the love of Shanghai keywords, but to observe the site response or have a certain role because, description is recommended in the past, if Shanghai does not use love, it is our problem, not the other; there is a website structure, you see a very good structure, departments have to say where good, look at the site, in general, a excellent website appear, for their site is a promotion, including the website speed optimization structure, optimization, website code, site of the internal connection between System optimization, for example the website speed, a website for a CSS, have you noticed this? A CSS represents not again DNS, reduce response time, code optimization, and some do not have the extra junk code does not need as much as possible, to reduce reduced, not put total KB, and >

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