Large electricity providers Shanghai Longfeng ten steps

how to organize, can love Shanghai promotion Keywords tool, noble baby Adwords keyword tool, love Shanghai related search keywords analysis tools such as mass selected keywords, in these are common words, keywords in accordance with industry brand, style, subject long word selection and classification, a document.

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Fifth step < > The first step: the analysis of

The second step:

In fact,

specific steps are: 1, 2, making the classification list of keywords; understand the characteristics of the industry project, the appropriate list of core keywords, according to the contents of the structure to be classified; 3, the research and Simulation of target users (friends, friends) search habits; 4, record competitive keywords used by the site as a reference. To analyze the reasons; 5, using search engine keyword tools are massive long tail keywords: like Shanghai promotion Keywords tool, noble baby Adwords keyword tool, love Shanghai related search keywords and so on.

can be used in a generous, is the analysis and strategy of human resources, and implementation.

website why Shanghai dragon? Should only Shanghai dragon to make search engines crawl to the site information, tell the search engine that is more important. But the search engine is not a fool, not to do what you want. For example, some websites through various means of cheating the rankings, eventually escape the search engine punishment. Nonsense not say today, single Jen information to talk about is the large electricity supplier Shanghai dragon how to do.

do not underestimate the job search volume of some words, such as clothing, can love Shanghai has hundreds of thousands of search. To optimize the word a lot, as for how to plan and deployment, but also a huge challenge, not to mention a large business platform for the whole category, there may be millions of target words in front of you, how to allocate? The home should entrance channel page weight, the weight of the channel page should brand brand page should have page entrance, entrance of the long tail word, with page should contribute to all relevant weight entrance page, instead of a property such as many websites only directional anchor text links.

in the online shopping process, "brand", "brand + style", "brand + sex + style", "brand + number", "common industry terms"…… Are the main products of the user in the search keywords. By gender, female, female users are searching, women, women and girls? The search engine in the end is not considered to be a synonym? These all need to statistical analysis, at the same time set of keywords to meet the users search habits.

third step: understanding the user search habits

usability analysis

The fourth step:

platform optimization steps

keywords warping

The following Keywords

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