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chain. The chain can improve website ranking, weight, snapshot are known to the webmaster, not a word "the chain for emperor" slogan on the Internet? So, the chain ranking of long tail keywords also have a certain impact, here the author emphasize that only quality is the chain, if that garbage can also have the function of chain.

so the chain is not the quality of what quality? As we all know, the chain is the highest quality news submission and the Wikipedia link belongs to high quality links. Of course, there are other parts of the link, but no matter what parts of the chain, to comply with the quality optimization rule is not wrong. The chain to improve web site overall weight ranking, also has a certain role in the promotion of long tail keywords. Don’t forget that a web site is the most important chain for the emperor, content is king.

The first is the content of the website

target keywords competition is too large, half will own website rankings do not come, so that their website can not flow? Appears long tail keywords, the small webmaster to get a chance to survive in the cracks. Many of the searches are some of the old station includes the. So we have to do the word difficult to fight technology, as can be imagined, not only to fight outside the chain, but also fight fight optimization, execution. So, we have to go back to the times, select the long tail keywords associated with the expression of long tail keywords mainly appear in short sentences, plus the modal particle, long sentences. Today I mainly talk about how to quickly get the long tail keywords ranking.

What is the

. Every webmaster all know the original content is the most popular search engine and users love. But also can improve the weight of the website and other factors related to. So if I can’t be popular word, but also to ensure the original web content more better. So even the long tail word, can quickly get ranked. Original content is every webmaster headache.



write to write to be written hundreds of times the content, there is nothing new to write. But the original content and the relationship between the survival and development of the website, not to write not to be written. In fact, as long as the webmaster read, learn more, write more, many subjects can write essays out. For example, summarize the experience of others, read an article in a sense, comment on other people’s articles which can easily find the writing material, write original content is the key point is to explore and use. No matter the original content of popular keywords or long tail keywords have a certain role in promoting. Of course, to enhance the role of popular keywords is very small, because it depends on other ranking factors. But for the long tail keywords, which can be used to enhance the eyes visible, an original content may own with a long tail keywords perhaps the first row to the first page. This is the original content of long tail words.

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