Love is something that Taobao Shanghai grab

The fact that Taobao

is about "love Shanghai ah" before the line, taobao贵族宝贝 love Shanghai in order to avoid malicious capture, directly blocked love Shanghai spiders, then much raise a Babel of criticism of robots.txt protocol.

there is a possibility that Tmall taobao贵族宝贝 and the weight is too high, resulting in the love of spiders in Shanghai do not follow the agreement of search engine crawl. But for this kind of thing can be a few days ago a commodity data association to Amoy network Jingdong and new network mall malicious grab, also do not follow the rules of search engine.

robots.txt file on the fundamental love Shanghai spiders play no role. I love that Shanghai did so because love Shanghai taking into account the strategic direction of the problem, because the query about that starry, nowbelle and other well-known shops are very good in Shanghai ranking. To prove the importance of this love Shanghai Taobao store. More drama is Tmall (Taobao mall) is using the robots.txt protocol. The same shielding


Xiaobian want to say is now the search engine for its own sake do not follow the rules of the internet protocol, is worthy of reflection, calling for the large Internet companies in the IT industry set an example. Don’t be selfish and do not follow the rules of the game. This paper consists of (www.591jiafa贵族宝贝) feeds.

also love Shanghai’s attitude is crazy to grab as shown in figure

spider love Shanghai

is now open the Taobao robots.txt protocol, you can still see the Taobao still love Shanghai spider shield. But the fact is really the case, see figure


until now Jingdong shopping mall also in shielding a scouring network spider



We all know that

If the



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