Opinions on medical website ranking love Shanghai

1, the weight of love Shanghai more and more attention to the website ranking algorithm, the degree of attention in some cases, even more than by the search term correlation.

3, the weight of the high site, now begin to Title Optimization label column page, and Keywords tag inside are directly is the long tail keywords, even several, so long as the column page included, when searching for information on the long tail keywords, ranking is very good.

of course, in any case we site of the Shanghai dragon work must continue, because you don’t do what others are doing, that your ranking will be more on the face, any Chinese biggest search engine, we can only crustily skin of head. For example, people know the weight of the high column page optimization, then I >

2, the weight of column page is often more than a specific page right important high.

in this situation, I feel a little unfair, especially for the fledgling website, can be said to want to climb, it is very difficult, because the new station in the above 4 points, almost does not occupy any advantage, as a result, no doubt to the new owners added a lot of challenges.

4, love Shanghai may pay more and more attention to the views of the landing page, that is to say that it is the search results if the browse times, including the site traffic, the content is more credible, so more chance to get good rankings ("love Shanghai share" might be provided the reference data one of the methods).

as a staff of Shanghai dragon, I love Shanghai it seems unlikely to understand, for example:

do not know Shanghai dragon people noticed, especially for the health care industry friends should have seen such a phenomenon, such as infertility, when the symptoms of our long tail keywords to search a certain infertility, love Shanghai out of the first page of search results are basically high weight website column page that kind of love, especially for the Shanghai index relatively large, can be said to be bigger and more obvious index.

2 may, so the user experience is not good. For example, a real infertility patients search a certain disease specific treatment costs or methods, occupy the home page ranking are column page, then click on the go directly to the user is not aware of the content, the user may also have a big push to column page article inside to find the content they want, if I, I feel very troublesome.

1, may form a "vicious spiral the rich getting richer and the poor poorer.". Because if you go on like this, then the weights of the high site will flow more and more weight, more and more high, but the ranking is also getting better and better, more and more stable; and the new ranking will go up, I’m afraid is difficult, even impossible.

let’s first look at why there is such a situation:

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