A5 group advanced process optimization analysis of Web site traffic from scratch

: initial analysis of

two: Web based

, always cannot leave a profit to the essence of the topic from the operation flow. No matter what is the website of the industry, as long as the control flow, then he will be able to profit. Then the flow is to be operated on? Site traffic from scratch, to further advance, need what process? Today will take you A5 optimization team share the dots:

line on the site, if the place of initial flow control, the basic flow in a period of time will bring some website "". The flow is different from the initial flow rate, initial flow only website development of an open stone. The flow through the observation to reflect the deficiencies of the site, and then to improve. The basic flow is through the product website "initial flow" after the baptism, is mainly composed of two parts: the new flow and return flow, and this proportion is relatively stable. We have to do at this time is to keep these visiting users with more style, so that it can continue to two times three times or even several times to visit. Otherwise it is difficult to flow based website in essence can be improved, the keyword good, ranking is better, but if keyword rankings off? Site traffic is bound to decline. This way, if not to control site more traffic, to further breakthrough is extremely difficult, because its always.

flow control The construction of a web site flow control

website online, because it is a new station, so there won’t be any traffic. So how to do? The answer is to promote. The initial promotion website has two purposes: 1, to get traffic from the keywords included. 2, enter or click on the above two flow, is the core composition of website initial flow. Who can quickly complete the above two points, then his starting point is also higher. To know the site of initial flow will also determine the site of days after the growth speed and height. To obtain the initial flow from the key, must do is the web site as soon as possible to be included in search engines. Optimization of binary years website, do some views: let the most effective website included, not submitted to the search engine, but with the popularization and the site outside the chain structure. As long as the site itself optimization enough in place, homeopathy plus some outside the chain, the website will give the general love of Shanghai included in about 5 days, soon even reached the day included. While such as Google search engine, website optimization more reasonable, almost second days will display included. For another thing, the user clicks to get the initial flow mainly in groups to promote, find their own active groups, then swing to promote, people will click on. But do not do the initial flow smooth flow, we should control should be more a circulating flow, for this, how to retain your customers, but also to start from the site itself quality. The combination of the two, more traffic control, so the site is bound to a higher starting point.

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