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code, for example: the layout is by DIV+CSS, whether it is reasonable to use H1 tags and so on, although these problems are well known, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but for many sites, it is still worth attention. The methods of solving these problems is not difficult, as long as the graphic design, web programmer can communicate well. In addition to the URL of the page is not easy too long, Shanghai Longfeng optimization of these details must do. The objective is to try to design a Shanghai dragon optimization page, of course, the user experience is equally important, these companies need more communication between departments. For the foreign trade B2C English website, Shanghai dragon plan should consider the actual situation, can not achieve the strategy is equal to the empty talk.

foreign trade company will operate two types of English website, of course, this is also the author of the division. My colleagues don’t spray ah, a small website is similar to a personal shop, more single commodity. Is usually a brand goods, such as Jersey products, UGG products and so on. But the wholesale Station as small B2C platform, provide all kinds of goods, more types of. Because most of the products are wholesale business, so the price is relatively cheap, small profits. But I believe that these two types of sites should be different in Shanghai dragon plan or strategy, it is best not to copy and paste it, to solve the problem. To analyze the foreign trade B2C English website, how to solve these problems to think about:

is an example of such a phenomenon occurs not only in English sites, many sites within the chain is also Chinese flooding ah. The chain is the performance of flooding the entire site, whether the home page or the content, as long as the main keywords, to add links. It is these obviously excessive optimization, especially the new station is best not to do so. I have also consulted many predecessors: the chain how to layout is more reasonable? Just search, online articles are everywhere. I want to emphasize is in line with the chain layout of the user experience is the best, for example: an article page will appear several times in the main keywords, but only for one plus links. An article link number is generally maintained at about 3, as above, the author thinks that to keep a home page link on the line. In the premise of ensuring the overall strategy of the Shanghai dragon, according to two types of foreign trade English website may be appropriate to the Shanghai dragon fine-tuning, as follows, the product page should be fine:


home page links to their

: the first page code is standard, whether the use of the spider crawling

: second optimization methods do not follow the appropriate fine-tuning of

Figure two: .


: a code red alert


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