Fat man Chinese URL address is in favor of Shanghai Dragon

the first A5, from start planning with the Pearl River News Network (www.zhujiangw.cn) original, if reproduced, please respect the copyright to leave a small link. In addition I 100 new media communication group of 131303239, welcome to.


2, URL Chinese linked to whether Shanghai dragon


using UTF-8 decoding way on URL, with sea using GB2312 decoding way, if you value the love of Shanghai is the GB2312 program. It is recommended that everyone in the immature state, do not use URL Chinese address to English or pinyin. The development of their imagination, and then to realize, this is the source of success! Shanghai is learning to Phoenix webmaster.


life only yesterday, today, tomorrow. The website for the search engines only included and it was deleted. Today Chinese fat talk: URL address is in favor of Shanghai dragon?. Mainly talk about Chinese URL included problems and is conducive to Shanghai dragon.

1, first to understand the two search engines we Chinese link to URL address


Summary: Google

now no one can be sure to tell you that Chinese URL is favorable to the Shanghai dragon. So we can only through the observation and try. You search "will love Shanghai 1-9 Chinese URL address of" keywords, we search for the same 1-8 also appeared Chinese URL address on Google.

love is either Shanghai or Google is included in our Chinese URL, please see below:

fat in conjecture: often we want to be around a word, is the title, keyword, description, all inclusive keywords, then I put the URL into Chinese contains keywords, that is not done five word, if successful, then the weight will improve the level of. Please look at the actual combat more exciting "Chinese URL let you do a five word" are being tested.


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