Several factors explain under normal operation conditions website ranking drop

second: website external links declined sharply, this will certainly affect our website ranking, external links is our webmaster often do things that are generally published text, or forum signature and forum post, forum signatures do not change, this is very easy to cause the included falls, we changed after the search engine grab, you can not find the link, then not only included a little, the weight will be reduced, there is a forum posting, forum is very unstable, because we may send a lot of, one day by the administrator to seal off the account, the contents of no, so in the post when the best and the administrator not to mix well, trying to cheat, so the consequences will be grievous, my station Harbin website – the actual web design That is because of the decline of the leading forum, we must pay attention to, in fact, relatively stable is soft, we have to send text, the best place is A5, the soft is included, the weights of the reproduced transfer is very good, basically a few days, you can benefit, if you have the time. Often is the best.

station normal operation of the rankings in many cases there will be fluctuations, when we moved up when everyone is happy, if ranking dropped the deal, I think everyone has his own this law, may be in the online asked many webmaster would say, in the observation, in fact is not like this, since the fall, the inevitable decline factors, below I talk about the reasons for the decline in ranking.

third: the problem of its own web site, here is a lot of problems, we often meet is web site was linked to horse, often do not update the site, site optimization excessive, server instability and other reasons, the site was linked to horse, suddenly derived a lot of links, these links are hidden many times we do not pay attention, which leads to ranking the general decline, not timely treatment to us.

: the first search engine for their own reasons, many owners do complain about search engine, say they are not reasonable, there is a problem, their algorithm will often change, this is a must, may sometimes have problems, such as snapshot snapshot and keyword crawl sites are not the same, the website included correction, these are often see, at this time we may fall out of the ranks, but what is the reason that the website does not decline, most are not luck, we want to formalize this problem, we must first analyze why they go up, where better than we do, if we do not do well, then we can’t wait, we must update the external links, must be original, recently my website ranking is very good, these days suddenly dropped a bit, I always The reason is that I am too lazy, often go to reprint, reprint one or two articles, if continued this reprint, the search engine will punish you, so the website itself must be original, can not update frequently, but we must update the original external links, not the more the better, the original is very important, this is the first thing we need to do when the fluctuation of search engine.

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