PPC SEM medical hand 42 pounds of high conversion landing page

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landing page – what can you do [


is explained about the landing page love Shanghai encyclopedia, the reason is because I shot over to highlight the two key. Please note that the label content in Figure 1 the red box, we must first determine that we are the objects of potential users, whether the page is paid through auction or natural optimization, each page we should have a clear theme and a strong will. That is only a clear goal, clear purpose, in order to clear the transformation. Secondly, the second red box marked content is "search engine optimization", here the "search engine optimization" not only refers to the natural Shanghai dragon after the results, it also includes the optimization for promotion. Here I will no longer say what, in the opinion of the author, the optimization for keywords can be said to be a dragon than Shanghai also abstruse and complex knowledge, title, description, matching, display, consumption, click, conversion, ranking, data analysis, data monitoring, adjustment strategy, plan, unit and so on, is need to build up the knowledge system is very complicated. I believe that the optimization work for keywords, has a more profound understanding of many professional staff, no longer here I display slight skill before an expert.

in the February 14th "SEM healthcare Shanghai dragon sights on search engine behind the user" one article, various strategies focus on the user experience from the perspective of the implementation of the Shanghai dragon. A friend asked, medical Shanghai dragon or Shanghai Longfeng what should be the main goal. I think this is not a personal problem can be answered, it should be said is a very big topic, and even can be said to be involved involved the entire Shanghai dragon industry trends. Time can make history, Web1.0 and Web2.0 of the Shanghai dragon, is mainly for ranking, flow, weight and so on depend on the nature of the data, Web3.0 has also begun, such as little, everyone, Pinterest to interactive website factors does seem no longer needed Shanghai dragon, but the Shanghai dragon will disappear? The author is unable to answer questions. No matter whether the Shanghai dragon will disappear, but now Shanghai dragon still has the value and significance of its existence, do what, is the main purpose of our present.


for PPC advertising (PPC), it should be said that the landing page to use and the purpose is very clear, is to bring about transformation, and this transformation is very efficient and accurate requirements. Especially for the medical industry, PPC is the main source of consultation and dialogue to examine, we can say that PPC is SEM medical industry and Mingmen, the landing page is more PPC to the gate. Speak more directly, good landing page even PPC is no advantage, but can guarantee the efficient conversion rate, then the amount to diagnosis is very impressive; in contrast, not a good effective landing page, even if the keyword bid ranking high.

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