The analysis of seven common problems often asked by the Shanghai Dragon

outside of the chain now so strong, but we cannot be completely ignored, with the nofollow label, let search engines don’t follow this link, no vote, love Shanghai as the largest domestic users of the search engine, are sure to comply with the rules.

there are a lot of people love to buy the old domain name, one may have been filed, the two is the old name many of the chain in three, is that the old domain optimization is more simple. The chain of these old domain name to refuse? Chain normal not what is necessary, but also need the chain of garbage refuse.

Shanghai Dragon technology advanced? I think it is very difficult, but many people still remain in the surface, the real money master is certainly there, but we did not reach this height so that Shanghai dragon is very simple. In this paper, and we analyze seven common people is often Shanghai Longfeng question, there may be some mistakes, hope to communicate with you.

5, and nofollow is fairly effective outside the chain of

6, website snapshot back time


if you have the site instruction as a web site an important method of data query, you can only say, what you did not pay attention to the information industry, site has long been pointed out in the instructions is just a reference value, not really want to see the exact value of specific data, can go to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform.

3, the new sites included slow

1, a weight difference between the domain name suffix

2, site

command data is not accurate?

website snapshot has always been a problem of great concern to us. "

before 4, the old domain of the chain to

? ?No previous ?

is not only the love of Shanghai, as well as other search engines, there will be a period of study on the new website, during this time, we need to update the quality of the content, but also pay attention to the frequency of updates. In general, the new line on the website, can release a few chain spider crawling, other temporarily do not need too much, mostly within three days will be included, some faster, one or two hours away.


believes that this problem has a lot of people want to understand very clearly, we normally preferred domain name suffixes are贵族宝贝, but in fact now mostly good贵族宝贝 names are registered, and the new suffixes are constantly increasing, how to choose? Shanghai’s official statement: weight of love the domain name suffix is no different, but will determine quality web pages to sort. Even so, I still think we are the best choice for the domain name suffix commonly used, especially to do the optimization of the website, at least out of the new domain name suffix is not easy to remember is not common, this is not in line with the user experience of


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