The chain should pay attention to all kinds of chain type

pure text links is a separate text which URL users can not open, need to copy the address and then paste it into the address bar to open the page in the Shanghai dragon search engine will also track to text links to crawling, but the weight of the website of the vote of little help, therefore in the condition permitted better don’t send this link, mainly is very easy to be found on other sites to delete, because it is very eye-catching. But the chain like.

anchor text link

is that users can picture a link to this page, this form is widely used in the type of shopping website, because in the gorgeous picture appearance of text links is pale, hyperlink often seems not tall. When you send this link to pay attention to the alt attribute on pictures, add in the ALT property can be very good to help the search engine keywords to judge the image content and link address.

There are four common types:

chain link anchor text, hyperlinks, pictures, text link chain. Different roles of many novice don’t understand understand this four kinds of chain links in the network to create a lot of garbage, serious pollution of the site is the visual effect, a lot of garbage outside the chain may also be a search engine for cheating judgment, to cause site drop right or directly by K. So the hair of the chain should be cautious. Then, the four form of the chain of the site’s weight lifting what is the effect of the diversion of the site, what is the effect? Shanghai Longfeng bloggers are busy today for you to answer the chain type.

super link

hyperlink is that you can directly click on the address you can open web pages, the weight of the chain of the site promotion also has a larger effect is generally seen online link types have direct, clear, clear features. But if it is a single link, the link of the keyword ranking does not help much. Unless you’re in the link before and after plus related keywords and description. For example, Shanghai dragon blog this hyperlink he links to the home page in the wretch link in front of the guiding words of Shanghai Longfeng blog related, the search engine spiders will determine the contents of the link points according to the content before and after the link, crawling if the content of the website localization to guide word similarity, then link to the keywords ranking has reference significance the.

anchor text is a word or sentence plus links to URL, click on the words can directly access the destination address. To enhance the chain on the site keywords and the overall weight is relatively large. The search engine to determine the link if there is reference value through the correlation between the content of the website and the anchor words, and then give some weight. If not, it may be judged as cheating or punished by search engine. So when the link note correlation anchor text anchor text must enhance the anchors value (i.e. anchor values).

The chain


pure text links

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