Search engine optimization needs the combination of inside and outside the station

search engine optimization is to use the search engine rules related to optimization of the website, it is to increase the exposure rate and improve site keywords ranking. I believe that the vast majority of owners of Shanghai Longfeng the purpose of the work is to lower investment to obtain the best website ranking, in order to get considerable income and commercial value. But the ultimate goal is to generate profits that most of the webmaster, Shanghai Longfeng work itself does not have much value (with the exception of professional workers, the Shanghai dragon) is a kind of network marketing techniques, only produce economic benefits, is the success of Shanghai dragon. Some webmaster only months to a keyword search volume is low, competition is not strong to do on the front page of the top three, eventually bring traffic is less and less, this is actually a waste a lot of energy but did not work with. So we in determining the key to be cautious, this is our foundation for the optimization and selection of keywords can achieve a multiplier effect, it can only be a thankless task. So, we need to search engine optimization

two, fight a protracted war, external optimization is a long-term work for

network promotion

Great oaks from little acorns grow., a solid foundation is the foundation construction of high-rise buildings. Whether you are what kind of website, the station optimization is absolutely the first step. Site internal optimization including the chain distribution, keywords layout, navigation bar, good website optimization website that has good performance in the search engine. But the station optimization have different priorities for different types of websites, this aspect of our different website owners should be distinguished, such as integrated information portal website needs to publish a large number of articles and pictures, while Taobao guest single page can be operated in the station optimization is not much, as long as the navigation, layout good connection enough, of course, have the more advantageous to the site of the weight and ranking. Here, the optimization of the basic preparatory work is done, but the latter part of the maintenance work is to continue, the best time every day to update the content of the website, released a new article.


external optimization purpose is to increase the chain, improve website weight and keywords ranking the three aspects. This step can have a lot of practice, but in the end they all need to rely on third party platform. Third party platform is the right choice to fully consider the platform weight, correlation, content and other aspects. The high quality of the chain platform can bring more good for us, even can bring direct traffic. How the third party platform is efficient? Here’s the

1 website weight is the primary consideration, I believe that no one will be in the low weight platform to promote their own website. The weight is a site outside the chain of quality, originality, activity and other comprehensive evaluation score, the high weight of the platform will not believe the popularity is very low, the chain is of high quality. The query tool has a lot of website weight >


, a foundation stone, put in the station optimization well.

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