pay tribute to the Shanghai dragon station we need to do

network technology and the special circumstances of the drive, making our webmaster in the process of master technology and Shanghai Longfeng culture of Shanghai Longfeng thinking sometimes due to some strange phenomena and deviations. This is a special year, I also found a strange phenomenon of most of the year, look at some of my personal opinion.

is a strange phenomenon: the station group operation

three strange phenomena: the underlying marketing or brush flow

The rapid development of

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Recently read a lot of a lot of Shanghai Longfeng strange phenomenon, see many webmaster do Shanghai dragon are floating on the surface, do not want to do the Shanghai dragon, feel very helpless, the owners also feel very pity, because no matter what the Shanghai dragon age, no matter what the web site of the Shanghai Dragon, practical the webmaster can always lasting, and floating on the surface of the station will always bear a heavy blow in the search engine under relentless attack. Opportunistic and sometimes have to consider the situation, do Shanghai dragon we need more down-to-earth, here I would like to pay tribute to all the practical Shanghai dragon, they gave us the stationmaster a positive learning environment.

station group operation has far-reaching influence, this year may still have a lot of people fought in this seemingly effect is very good, but I personally did not agree Shanghai Longfeng operation, because the station operation is not a simple website according to some one can achieve the effect, there is no certain technical support you may not reach the effect you want to get the search engine will be dead, especially last year, the station group operation let love Shanghai angry, this year is the focus on the year, so I want to use the station group to sluffing must be considered, to choose the industry, to prepare for the worst.

1, often have a strange phenomenon, particularly this year

for marketing, everyone may be a bit strange, but as long as I explain we may be clear. When we search for a keyword, the search results in each of the bottom of the page there is a related search recommendation, love >

Last year’s

you for some time ago micro-blog Sohu ranked magical surprise, more cool webmaster wait-and-see or slightly tentative, although Sohu micro-blog ranking has lost its magic skill, but we can still find such a shop in Taobao, I have to admire some people eager to quickly optimize the mood. But love Shanghai will never allow these phenomena, not only for us at Shanghai dragon is a kind of damage, damage is a kind of search engine user experience, for the love of Shanghai dare to put their home doing everything for the best experience of the search engine it is a challenge to the authority of the behavior. This is bound to be "take revenge", so the Sohu micro-blog from home even before ten pages have disappeared, many depressed Shanghai Longfeng thinking.

two strange phenomena: Sohu micro-blog rapid ranking

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