Google PR 8 5 update again a wooden

recent Google PR value of the update has become a hot topic to discuss the webmaster, last June a big update. Less than a month, the PR value update two times, the update time is shorter. Rise and fall, the webmaster or for the rise or decline in joy, and depressed. Today morning to query the webmaster tools above my two PR value are updated, one from 0 to 2 on what. Do you stand there?

The number of

3, see the other side of the Links. Whether the shield through technical means, if the other side shield technology Links spiders crawl content with such website links The loss outweighs the gain.

5 Sogou SR can also refer to, but not as a standard, if one day SR also came to a shock? Hehe.

, the other 4 website main keywords ranking. If the main keywords ranking is good, that is the high weight of the site.

The update frequency of

1, friends of the chain. For a relatively high weight of the site, Links about 30 have almost the same weight, you can go to the link, not to much, so the owners in the choice of friends of the chain, or to pay more attention to quality, quality problems should first pay attention to.

update so frequently in PR, the webmaster to have a suitable website standard.

2, the other site. Update faster web site, the spider will often capture, in addition to the frequency of updates to see, the quality is the webmaster to consider the relevance of the website is very important, can improve the user experience and the spider crawling.

thought it was PR data noble baby. The results in the forum many webmaster said his website PR is updated, the PR value update frequently, then Links refer to what standards? The author analyzed the some factors that can be used as evaluation of other website weight standards:

The authenticity of the


In addition,

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