How do enterprises at the present situation of Shanghai Longfeng station

enterprise station, slightly optimization can be considered excessive love Shanghai. Once a friend asked me: "why several days regardless of the website ranking than the website ranking also updated every day?", needless to say think. Besides in the station, what is the original article, the one and only; what is high quality, by the users love, and the users can get the useful information of the article. In a web site even if you write n article original, no one click is still not high quality. This is the so-called original is not high quality, the original does not necessarily have the effect.

used to be a master of Shanghai Longfeng said: "you know the K station, Shanghai is how to judge the love? The search engine has its own garbage link to the database, and then follow it." Also think about their own business in the chain, what is the use in the Shanghai dragon forum station, and do not want to shut, and no one click. Some time ago, Shanghai dragon why rectification, Cardiff also said that in the future the forum outside the chain almost no longer transfer weights, almost no effect.

recommendations: in the choice of B2B, classification of information, forum chain platform, the first to be tested, view the source code is.

: site update frequency, update the next day to. We do not technology, we can understand how much our webmaster, for the enterprise products those things? Technical articles, it is impossible to realize the original articles, hot news gathering to enhance the role of the site is not. So focus on, every other day to update the 3-5 content is enough. The article must be related, novel, have their own unique insights, can cause users to resonate, users would like to think, write the needs of users. Remember that you’re not in the update for the love Shanghai, but for the user to update.

NetEase blog, Xicihutong, kvov, is a high quality platform, but they are set to nofollow, will not transfer the weight of the ah, what is the use of


: webmaster forum, Shanghai dragon forum is a good place for us to study the charge, there really can get experience, to solve the problem. But to rely on him to transfer the weight, improve the quality of site, really too far away. Too much garbage outside the chain, Shanghai love will give you what kind of punishment, you should know.


endless love Shanghai K station, and again and again update algorithm, now those to the enterprise station of Shanghai dragon Er has touched the north. Collect, buy links that doesn’t work, sometimes also can not afford the original effect, present situation, enterprise how to do Shanghai dragon, how to optimize the promotion of

two, enterprise station is best not to go to the platform outside the chain

2. set of nofollow platform

1. don’t go to ?Now the

webmaster forum Shanghai dragon hair chain

, a web site is updated every day, adhere to the original will have the effect of

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