Analysis of B2C e commerce website how to optimize Shanghai Dragon

fourth, when the product page must ensure that the page is clean and neat, the contents of the text in the introduction to clear, and the product picture must perfect collocation, the whole page must be beautiful, can retain users as much as possible for more time to read about your product, this is also very important. In short is to make the product features prominent, concise introduction, allows users to use the shortest time to understand your products.

seventh points, just do B2C e-commerce without a good plan, so the on-line time also did not go to the spider shield to make adjustments, this is a very big mistake, many webmaster.

third point, must introduce the product when the release of product content, as far as possible, this paper briefly introduces the characteristics, related products and other unique products, it has a great advantage in competition with other site products.

The parameters of

sixth, when the station optimization in the B2C electronic commerce website, the chain is very important, between the column and column, the link between the product and the product links, related products and so on the recommendation of internal links is also very important and can show more products to our users, can be said to be the best of both worlds and that is good for the site’s ranking, but must not be excessive optimization.

B2C with the development of e-commerce industry in the era of network is more and more fiery, B2C e-commerce site types are more and more, the competition is more and more big, with the Shanghai dragon is increasingly optimization on their cognition, many owners are beginning to learn Shanghai Longfeng optimization knowledge hard, hope that through their own knowledge to optimize your website for the search engine to give a good ranking, then profits naturally increased, but for the B2C industry website a lot of pictures undoubtedly become the focus of theory, text content is quite simple, then the face of type B2C website how can we optimize today by the author and? To share some experience.

first, we must first clear a truth, we do is for the user to read and not just for yourself, so we must grasp the true features of the website to further achieve and make the user experience the piece, it is also the site will be the future development trend.

site in the picture must be clear, clean and beautiful, because the user we see in the picture of the product, the first impression is so important. After all, the user cannot see the kind, so be sure to leave a good impression on the user, gain the trust of the users.


, fifth for B2C e-commerce sites, pictures of the products is very much, so in the optimization of the site and the alt attribute of the picture must be done, it can not only avoid the content of the website can be repeated, when the server is slow, the picture does not fully open when the user is let this is a kind of product.

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