Why do not Shanghai Longfeng optimization work


ambitious, not just the problems of everyone, including me, my problem is typical, before that I have been lost, for example, should I optimize the work schedule to do, and lead to optimization problems in the progress of me.

, for example, when work breaks, for example: Computer News under the right corner of the pop-up to attract your attention, aroused your interest, such as: published a post, a post that the title page suddenly aroused your interest, then click look, I feel very good.

tonight I have been thinking about how to improve the level of Shanghai dragon himself, I think a lot of possibilities, but also to reflect on the whole working process of my own, I found a lot of problems to be solved, I enumerate some of the problems I failed or had paid much attention to, but forget now in fact, after all things, website optimization is mainly about two problems: the first problem is to optimize the site outside the chain, the second problem is the optimization of the site within the.

essentially, website optimization Shanghai dragon is reflected in these two sections above:

in network optimization company Shanghai Longfeng specialist do optimization is the Commission, the company’s sales network in the signing of the time, the size of the amount of the list is different, there may be a small list, there may be big list.

of course not thinking why not sit up, ranking how has been hovering in the three or four page, also not to think about the reasons, then the execution is not in place, resulting in a lot of problems, do not know which problem is the main problem, which is secondary, can not find a clue, chaos optimization, so the psychological performance hit, not standard has been deducted, so, how to do

For example: a lot of

does not have a detailed optimization scheme, a goal is a good thing, but there is no detailed plan of work, so in the implementation of the time, they will ignore many problems, for example, my daily work plan is not done, then I don’t know what I should do today, while thinking about doing this for a while, thinking to do that.

Er believes many Shanghai dragon big list of royalty is higher, so they ignore the optimization of small list, only note major optimization promotion list, and then optimized for the big list, did not do a good job with the work plan, then, to pay, performance audit is not standard, not only the optimization schedule big list not ready, then optimize the progress of small list is more neglected, the result of psychological problems, that the optimization is really hard to do.

only do the chain optimization, ignore the optimization of internal


website home page link, ignoring the website page links


website optimization Shanghai Longfeng work arrangements and site optimization work execution does not conform to

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