The long term impact on the site is not updated

1. the first search engine in the website page, repeat site the current page content is very low in the Internet, so there is no doubt that this page will be included, but after a period of time, similar to the article on the Internet gradually emerged, and the weight of our the site is not very high, so, the search engine will take K out of your page measures to reduce the burden of work it! It is likely that the page you want to be K.


2. for a long time not update the site, although the old content has been a weight to maintain, but relative to the search engine, its purpose is to work for the Internet users to provide timely, effective, the latest and most complete information and dynamic information advisory, then, obviously, for always to continuously update the site, it can play the value of Internet users is obviously greater than the long stalled category does not update the site, on the site of weight under the same circumstances, long-term update site I personally think that the overall weight is slightly above stall site.



3. in discussing this problem, a friend gave me a suggestion, I personally feel that this is a direct, practical description of the problem. His conclusion is that, for a long time not update the site, a blog as an example, some of the early post content is likely to be taken off the K search engine to reduce search engine inventory burden, there may be some webmaster friends will have some doubts, what is the Bo Wen, it refers to the webmaster to do the earliest blog some updates, of course the most early is relatively early, not will be K off the page, depending on the quality of content. From this we can see that the site is very deep Bowen stagnation may be the search engine K out, then, within the chain optimization, the number of chain in less, naturally, the weight of the website is also reduced.

here I can tell you that my main chain release place, mostly in the forum of the anchor text signature, they are right.

this is my yahoo reverse link, we can see that shown above is 1297.

remember when just beginning to learn the Shanghai dragon, every day to check some of the competitors’ website, some sites have been for a long time did not update, but the ranking is always very good, it can be said is very stable, so I have a way of thinking, whether the website long-term not update the contents or not go to the chain to have some results of the site weight will not fall? I think for a long time, also questioned some of Shanghai dragon er. Some of the draws, long-term not update some influence on the website:

fourth actually needn’t have written, but in order to prove third points to the right, the author thinks that it is necessary to cite some examples:

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