The four main causes of operation failure analysis novice PPC advertising

two: the choice of keywords is not accurate

novice operation PPC ads is PPC keywords from selection for conversion rate is not high, it will cause sometimes the day consumed two hundred or three hundred pieces of advertising but did not receive any of a list. So for the novice how to more accurate selection of PPC keywords. Here I suggest we directly put products in the brand keywords on the key words. For example, you select the weight-loss drug P57. Then you put the product keywords keywords is related to P57. The P57 related keywords all into the phrase match.

three: landing page

The reason for the failure of a large part of

very many novice counterparts in the operation of PPC ads are will see those relatively high profit products, such as L-carnitine, P57 that some popular goods, these goods although high profits, but often the competition is very fierce, many novice on the choice of products, think to open a PPC account, investment you can wait for the money to profit. Hope more often is more disappointed, many friends complain that PPC advertising competition is too big, not easy to operate. But in my opinion, more than 90% of the new PPC operation will lose money are from the choice of products is too fierce competition. Many novice but do not know why, always think is the account optimization problems of its own, the quality score is not high enough. The author here responsible to tell you, why you lose money because you are out of the question. This time I suggest novice in operation PPC ads first do not select those over competitive goods, you have to experience success and then begin to contact this kind of goods.

and customer service

visitors through our PPC advertising to our landing page, and then to the trust.

: a choice of products too fierce competition

advertising not ranked first to fight, but to ensure that in the top three, every one hundred yuan in the advertising budget. We can try to choose the delivery time in the evening. Because the purchase of a product for white-collar workers, and in the evening of this class of user time is the most. The conversion rate is the highest.

I heard a lot of operating PPC novice complain that the traffic on the site every day to more than 100 IP, but there is no conversion for customers. The conversion rate is very low.

any Wangzhuan project, want to make money we need to clearly understand the reasons will lose money. As a webmaster want to make money through advertising PPC, we also need to understand why some Adsense ads will make ends meet PPC operation. Because there are a lot of profitable way, but the cause of the failure is always mainly from three or four aspects. In the past 2012 years in the operation of a PPC advertisement, the author found that the main reason for the failure of PPC advertising we can roughly divided into the following four points.

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