Shanghai dragon is a pseudo Technology

is less than a month’s time, in the Shanghai dragon, I work only two aspects.

second is to insist on. Exchange Links is a continuous process, especially for new sites. So take it as a task, spend some time every day to communicate with the target site webmaster. Even if only one day to exchange one, 10 days can also exchange to 10. In addition, there is also a spirit of new weights we lost to all sense of shame, too low, and the weight of high standing on a chain, being rejected is a normal thing, so don’t talk about a few failed to give up. The Internet, the website is.

a few days ago, Google PR update. My company website PR rose from 0 to 3. In addition, several key words optimization in less than a month’s time have achieved good ranking, from outside the Shanghai love 100 before rising to 10; web traffic has increased by nearly 3 times.

Links I say, from almost every site are at the bottom Links we should know. Since people are doing it, it must have the effect, so we need to do so. Do the network is a group of very smart people, no one will do not matter.

Exchange Links

1. exchange Links


is the first mentality. Some of my friends think that their website is a new, low weight, and high weight website to exchange links, first in the momentum for wind, not to mention the exchange. In fact, a lot of weight of high standing, if the exchange links with the new station, is not what effect on his website itself. With the network, the master, more know how to pay, so as long as you dare to communicate with him, the probability of success is very high.

Without the importance of

because I do not Shanghai dragon before birth, has never participated in any training institutions in Shanghai Longfeng, only occasionally look at some famous writing. It can be said for the Shanghai dragon, I am a complete layman. This is my company to do Shanghai Longfeng content, only a part of the whole network planning. Is the first time I practice in Shanghai dragon. So, this is not what it seems in the master achievement scores, or that I could not help but little happy.

I selected the target web site is PR more than 3, most of the peer web site. Don’t explain, just say a PR why can change to PR3 or even PR5 0 websites, PR6 skills.

just last night to hear about Wang Tong the teacher’s lecture, a few words, I feel the same, such as "Shanghai dragon is very easy." "Take the Shanghai dragon as a tool, a means of." Wait。 So I decided to write this article, also said that this technology in Shanghai dragon.

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