Taught you how to love the Shanghai index query used in the extreme

index profile: is to display the keyword search volume, the index of the higher difficulty in competition, but love Shanghai index is not accurate data, we can serve as the most important reference: search number less than 100: belong to the competition of smaller; search times: 100-300 belongs to the average small; the number of searches: 300-500 belong to medium; 500-1000: the number of searches on the middle part of the search; the number of more than 1000: belong to difficult words. Take Shanghai dragon is difficult words, if the word is certainly not a direct optimization.




: the lower left is a popular search and query keywords related to the search term, as shown in the figure on the right is the fastest rising search terms, that is to say these words recently and Shanghai dragon correlation big word, but also the needs of users, can be used as the long tail word to update the article, will be brought to the site a lot of traffic.


love Shanghai index query is one of the most commonly used tools in Shanghai Longfeng staff, many people think that love is the size of Shanghai index index query keywords, we can actually really need to analyze the user through the love of Shanghai index query, rushing to the site to bring traffic, then love Shanghai index query to see how? Shanghai dragon er. You really will use the index

, a Shanghai love index query trend analysis

today Taiyuan Shanghai dragon learning network in Shanghai dragon as an example, through the data query in the Shanghai love index trend analysis, demand patterns, public opinion housekeeper, crowd portraits of the four parts to carry on the analysis:

demand distribution: reflects the specific user search keywords, and what other needs. The red box is the search for other users of the demand of Shanghai dragon is not satisfied, so that we can launch websites according to these requirements, such as the Shanghai Longfeng study guide, which is Shanghai dragon optimization skills, Shanghai Longfeng introductory knowledge such as the long tail key words.

hot trend: the graph shows the number of search keywords is the Shanghai dragon day. Combined with the above (red box), you can know some keyword search data is still true out of the brush, the operation method is to pull the left picture that red, can see the historical data in the past few years, if the above graph or said not brush, if the front is flat line, suddenly the search volume that is out of the brush index.




two and love Shanghai index query

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