Python language quick start tutorial

did not express clearly what could not understand, please help forward. The first time to write a complete program tutorial, inevitably there are omissions.

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this is for Shanghai dragon population Python language tutorial program, no program is also applicable to other basis but want to learn some simple procedures, in order to solve the practical needs of the crowd. In the back will try to use the most basic way to introduce this language.

if anyone is in contact with the C language inside the university curriculum but don’t know much about the procedure, may feel that the program is like C so much trouble, in fact, after learning with the beauty of the Python code C code will know long and smelly. If no contact program also never mind, Python itself as the procedures for entry.

but if it is not necessary to think the technology of the Shanghai dragon are not interested in going to Shanghai, how long the dragon as their occupation? If it really going to do it, at least tens of thousands of hours spent energy, pumping from the inside to learn some tens or hundreds of hours of technology should be perfectly logical and reasonable.

was going to find a tutorial from the Internet, but because Python rarely is the first contact with the programmer of the language, so the existing online tutorial is not very basic, decided to write down these.

technology to assist the Shanghai dragon, the programming language at least in my opinion Python is preferred.


if you can not understand some of the contents in this article are never mind, because they are often used in some basic knowledge, in the actual process of code will always come across. There will be about two or three articles about the practical code written articles, then can choose these deeper impression.

although I had to write the program, but is interested in nature, never too deep, formal contact contact program is Shanghai dragon after things, learned about a few hours later will be able to write some simple acquisition program, now as long as you can think of the demand very few techniques can not achieve. What is not so there is no problem in the basic foundation, no matter what is the basis to need own lay.

Why learn Python

Second, Py>

If you decide to learn some

, a relatively simple introduction to Python

if there is no basis for the procedure, this paper covers may feel a little more. The control inside the university often teach C language teaching the speed, about four or five hours of content; control program online video tutorials, roughly equivalent to two or three hours of content; for this program over the books, equivalent to about a hour. Therefore, if the in-depth learning plan, in order to recommend reading efficiency.

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