The construction of the chain of view from the nature of the site

2. from the user’s point of view


we are the owners need direct access to traffic so we do love from the sea.

many novice webmaster in site within the chain, just put all the optimization and website related keywords to the home page chain. Even more as long as the site keywords place chain to the home page, which is not very desirable. Bad luck love Shanghai will think you cheating your website k that will anchor text keywords best The loss outweighs the gain., so diverse, and appeared in the first link can not do it all on the link. Imagine when you browse a web page article in this article as long as the website keyword place chain to the home page you will feel what is

3. from the web site optimization considering

has some experience of people all know noble baby with more emphasis on quality and quantity of the chain site, but if you want to improve the weight in the chain fell in love with the sea is an integral part of the homework. Now in the Chinese nobility baby’s market share is more and more small, our personal webmaster want to survive to development can only hold love Shanghai, share with you today and how to carry out the site within the chain construction.


have you ever wondered why love Shanghai would take a decision factor in the construction of the chain website as the quality of your website? We don’t give this conclusion, we look like 贵族宝贝mamilady贵族宝贝/jibing/137.html a see later in a web user is about early symptoms characteristics of breast cancer in an article, but in this article the article appeared in many professional terms such as " regional lymph nodes, " " ", "orange peel dimple disease; disease", "edema eczema" these words he did not know the terminology is what mean. So he would think this is a not for his article, then he will turn off the page from the new search or he will fall in love with the sea in search of "regional lymphadenopathy" associated with symptoms of breast cancer ". This will make the bounce rate increased, but this is the love of Shanghai is not willing to see. Look back at our question is easy to answer: Shanghai is one of the reasons to love and a user determine factors in the construction of the chain as the quality of the relevant experience of the website. If the hypothesis in this article first appeared in " regional lymph nodes, " " ", "orange peel dimple disease; disease", "edema eczema" these words are in the chain of the anchor text, web pages related to the text and links to web pages. Then the user can see these words through the chain to other web pages to get the information he wants. To reduce the site’s jump out rate increases the weight of love Shanghai.

1. anchor text keywords diversification of

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