The fat man is how to do the second Beijing Shanghai Dragon

A, the ranking of the rival:

Some of the basic situation of

1, Shanghai dragon fat blog

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2, Beijing Shanghai dragon rival

has been the general requirements of Shanghai Longfeng are within 3 months on the home page, if anyone can cut down the time will be very good, but the fat man since the beginning of the May to July blog, head home, within two months of the term Beijing Shanghai dragon do on the home page it is quite hard. Several basic situation first we look at the following:

C, the old station there are many years old, especially like star blog, is a key of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai first home expert blog. But still be fat ruthless behind.


Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. For Shanghai dragon, is a website that we can directly take out judgement ranking, to see how the ranking of a website that don’t need me to tell you, because of this at a glance. For a professional Shanghai Longfeng many owners would have one of his independent blog, blog or interest to us, or to be famous, or for money, these are not the focus, the key is to us through this blog to show their Shanghai dragon strength, make it easier for others remember yourself. At this point in our search for the word "Shanghai dragon" the most incisive embodiment, for example, only the Shanghai dragon why, ZAC independent blog, and the blog star, some time ago rain forum, perhaps these are too ethereal expert, then we can look at the "Beijing Shanghai dragon" look at the "Shanghai Shanghai dragon", "Shenzhen Shanghai dragon", "Guangzhou Shanghai dragon", the expert may be closer to our life. Today I want to introduce an expert is fat, his blog is fat Shanghai dragon |sem blog, at present the word "Beijing Shanghai dragon" has been done in the second page, you can check.

ranked first in the station: a collection of 6230 anti chain 4970 chain 1544 PR3 7-8

! Keywords YAHOO snapshot

for the fat man Beijing Shanghai dragon competition is very strong, let me give you an analysis of his blog and the 2 most powerful rival information:

Some of the basic situation of

B, the Beijing Shanghai dragon competition. Beijing Shanghai Longfeng, related results about 2860000, count on the middle, and the first five pages or the first ten pages are mostly independent website, so look at the size of the competition.

ranked third in the station: a collection of 117 anti chain 1670 chain 380 PR2 7-10

A, Shanghai dragon fat blog site for short time: 2 months.

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