Ask what the Shanghai dragon play skills decide on what path to follow

if you give an enterprise website ranking, Shanghai dragon, the purpose of this site is to own keyword sales, so the ranking is a factor, because a lot of people through the love sea to find such a product, which is what we call the target customers, according to the website, so do the ranking is very if necessary, and here comes the ranking, I believe that many Internet companies are subordinate to the main significance is the growth target, their task is simply to give the enterprises some key words flow of this website (ranked only can, but no other treatment).

Shanghai Longfeng goals and skills, is for the purpose of a website appears, actually a lot of website structure do very well, just do the internal Shanghai dragon is enough, following it, starting from Shanghai to Shanghai to Phoenix, dragon and Phoenix to bring some small decide on what path to follow about your


) a corporate website, with different target value:

dragon?What is

maybe you will say, Shanghai dragon arrived here is not an abrupt end? Many times, not really, if you really think about it as a web site, several key words can send out? Many times if not really.

, how can Shanghai Longfeng ordinary work most of the time, we are still hovering in the content of ah, the chain, anchor text, web site exposure, the area and so on, when we put them as the most common when we work, when we put these as Shanghai Dragon Phoenix all the time, but there the first of the above, we are helpless, we think, first interview, Shanghai Longfeng post, director and I said, Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, so do a lot of work outside the chain, but found that when the chain to improve the rankings, traffic is not up, so will doubt yourself, why the usual work did not get the result we want. Shanghai dragon so slowly on the chain from thinking to the other, the emergence of the structure, content, but it is far from enough, because when they do, other factors again, what is the Shanghai dragon, skills should be how to strong



is the Shanghai dragon heard what many of my friends have complained that why I strive to do rankings, ranking, think the ranking, all will have, but forget, and sometimes flow ranking is not your main keyword and be closely related, so we see a lot of people to do go up, but found that these words will not bring you enough traffic, so does Shanghai Longfeng what don’t do rankings, do we do before are biased? Many people think that is the problem of keyword selection, then, with a higher competitive shot, but found ranking go up, flow, but not to earn money, so more people think Shanghai is exactly what

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