Shanghai Longfeng project results driven three stages analysis by using the data of the Shanghai Dra

5, site wide opportunities (

additional content needs to be added to the website


long tail keywords new points to the current target keyword


keyword anchor textThe potential change of page

1, the new keyword recognition

global navigation



keyword has the ability to bring significant revenue

4, internal links

opportunity analysis

web content, web page title and

One of the success of the online opportunities

identification of Shanghai dragon is mapped to the target. The most basic activities every year is received attention, brand and non brand flow is decided caused by exact matching and long tail traffic flow. In addition, the usual practice is to use the traffic and conversion rates and incomes. This will show a good performance of the Shanghai dragon to you.


metadata page / content without the optimization target keyword

Report the results of

2, focus on the

in a Shanghai Longfeng project, we should make full use of the hands of the head of the data to identify those in the optimization process of potential opportunities. There are seven major categories of opportunities is our most frequently found:


3. priority

The new

brand related keyword search does not rank in the top 3


project is the Shanghai dragon can use the data to control the results. I love the data analysis process is divided into three main stages:

metadata The existing

return code 404 to consider the chain.

‘s goal is to double the result report.

The second stage: Opportunity Analysis

will be described in detail in the three stage, we should consider what data is? What is the behavior we will have an impact on the results of the

?The first stage: Key performance indicators

what keywords / Web page ranking in the top 20 but not in 3

if possible, quickly find the main error in the rankings and flow in and take timely and effective measures. Of course, if these changes are caused by the search engine algorithm change or increase the competing causes of it, you should immediately limit its impact on the results. But usually these changes because the site changes (in many cases, these changes are not). Report the results like these reports as monitor.

Page optimization need to re processing of

link, need more


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