Shanghai dragon needs to grasp the simple rules

what is the high quality the chain

Shanghai dragon is actually a lot of change, it is important to master the rules and laws of Shanghai dragon is certainly cannot do without the overall layout of high quality original articles and high quality of the chain and the site.

website how to layout the most conducive to Shanghai dragon

pseudo static need to select more vocabulary, but not too rigid for the whole article looks very smooth, some words change appropriate, or at the beginning and end to the original text, certainly must have the correlation and the whole content of this article, again love sea is the most difficult to optimize the search engine, the reason is it is intelligent, like spider man’s brain, and not as good as Google optimization.

text is certainly not beyond the anchor text, because the anchor text is a link that can guide the spider into this link, and pure text you need to determine the spider is not a link, so this is the webmaster love causes the anchor text.

what is the high quality

chain is divided into two kinds, plain text, anchor text, of course, there are essential differences between these two kinds of optimization.

?For example, one of the most popular ?The article?

website, WordPress and DZ program. The forum has a corresponding module or theme, when we choose the theme or module must first check whether there are loopholes, such as open their own website and use the default template 404 does not appear this kind of situation, but not too messy >

and the high quality of the chain is within the page links and Links, Links best, so now there are a lot of people online to buy friends of the chain, in order to develop their own site to increase the weight, to get keywords ranking. The ranking of the site involved in love whether Shanghai on the website of the trust, the higher the degree of trust for ranking the better, when love Shanghai that a website can give users the best help will put him in the first place and then monitor, monitor the bounce rate and search again if the high rate, then take a ranking of the data if, under a bounce rate and search again low rate will be the first ranking, ranked first in the monitoring of keywords to twentieth, so that many people now know later in the top twenty keywords can rely on clicks to get the first three rows, but this effect to your site really the user can give help, if not keywords decline is in the affirmative.

high quality articles including original articles and reasonable pseudo static text, of course, pure original articles will be search engine optimization of love, if love Shanghai best original, but also need to have a high correlation with their website content, such as your net station station is to make money, then published the article is the best business, the type of money, love Shanghai correlation identification is very strong, do not think that collection articles can optimize their own website, it is not responsible for others and their own websites on their website does not have what help.

The advantages of

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