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"love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" presumably webmasters are not unfamiliar, but very many owners are not serious to look at the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" the love of Shanghai official optimization guide, many webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng personnel, especially in Shanghai Longfeng for more than 2 years of people, think your experience, it is not to look at the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide", the squid meal want to say is that the search engine in the upgrade, the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng researchers should also upgrade their professional knowledge, now love Shanghai has admitted the website of Shanghai dragon, and released an official guide. To tell the truth, to the webmaster is really a good news, I do not say nonsense, I see here is about an experience of the guide on the analysis.

        as shown in the figure: win user recommendation on the website, how to win the user recommendation on the website of the Shanghai love? (the share is clear to everyone, micro-blog, blog, forum, everyone, happy network, I not one detail. ) now many sites will install this plugin or code, the purpose is to allow more users to share your website, recommend users to website account for a large proportion of weight in the love of Shanghai, in the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" for a meal in the figure, squid has marked.

through the figure shows that the 3 indicators listed in Shanghai to analyze the love of loyal users through the above transformation, we see not hard, love Shanghai or tell a thing, that is the user experience, pay attention to the last sentence "thinking of how to satisfy his needs" here he is referring to the user, so we have to most of the time the 3 indicators to analyze a user’s satisfaction with their site is reached. We continue to look at love Shanghai mentioned in the other 1 guidelines "to win the user on the site recommended as shown below:

so, love Shanghai new algorithm, one of the most important indicators of the website weight can come out, it is the user experience, user experience good site, there must be a better ranking, as a webmaster and Shanghai dragon who must observe the love in Shanghai in any one of the webmaster tools a notice and information carefully, don’t be hampered by their own experience, perhaps you may not be able to experience more love on the pace of Shanghai.

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space article now online user experience, that how to make the user experience? Check the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" we can get answers from. I love Shanghai in the analysis of inside what mentioned

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