mprove the chain website ranking do you know how to do

then estimated to ask a friend, so we do when the chain number is required? This problem before we have said before, the number is only a numerical it cannot be completely summarized out of the rankings chain. The new era of the chain link, we want not quantity but quality, which is why many ranking good sites, >

chain in the new era is approaching, we should how to make websites ranked outside the chain of

we need to understand the chain into the chain and not readable chain. The chain is readable can be included in a search engine to identify links, and not have to read the chain is generally in the fusion of JS code, can not be read. But these can not be the chain is not Nothing is right., they belong to the website marketing means, but no effect on the rankings. In this regard, we should be aware of, to enhance the readability of the website ranking will be outside the chain.

now many webmaster said, do not blog the chain effect, resulting in the spread of blog link search engine on the blog the chain has produced immunity. This situation only shows that the operation of the chain is not fused. The search engine in the chain of value relevance, matching degree, and the biggest advantage is that you can customize the blog theme, the theme and the theme of the site blog, a blog to do a topic to do a long tail word, how could this chain does not match. If you will find the left, my blog platform is open two level domain, we can use this blog website into deep publicity on the site, and not have to worry about being punished not related phenomenon.

from the site of the existing data we can vaguely see the signs of the chain age regression, whether this means that as long as the mass of the chain, the website ranking will stick in the search engine first? By testing a period of observation, the author Dennis found this conclusion is clearly untenable. But some search engine chain is indeed in a certain extent to enhance the website ranking. How to do for the chain website promotion is today the author Dennis to discuss together with everybody’s problem.

in the chain is king of the times, many owners choose a useful tool to make the outside, then gently point into the bulk of the chain flood is coming. But with the search engine on the value of the user experience, the monitoring of the existing software of these software can only be buried in the chain link, without the light of day. But if the search engine perceived there may be excessive optimization cheating website that suffered the crowning calamity.

generally, we have made the chain anchor text and text form, all of these can be read. But now the problem is that the chain production platform, can no longer find can do the chain to the platform, but to pay attention to the correlation. Only this chain is made to be able to vote, for the website ranking points. I recommend this is Dennis blog platform.

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