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for this investment opportunity, I worked for two years, but there is no profit, low wages, is still in the business street, see color, need to rely on the stock and financial support to

as a newly graduated college student, after 90, in the process of entrepreneurship, the first problem encountered is that there is no work experience. Many people, including myself, have wasted a lot of time because of the cycle of employment that has been confined to this business. In fact, in retrospect, entrepreneurship and employment are totally two different forms, although the two have in common, but the characteristics are different.

second: real

90 entrepreneurship, output transparent, free, open new values

Internet provides an opportunity to break the social structure after 90

venture requires you to become "special forces", "Transformers", ask you to take into account everything, core characteristic is "people + money", but not all need to be very top-notch business ability. When you are employed, your boss will often look at your experience in a single business. As far as my experience is concerned, the boss tends to be fed up with employees who are interested in everything. Therefore, from the learning curve, the direct learning speed must be much higher than employment. In the war, learning the war, in entrepreneurship, learning, entrepreneurship is king.

in the traditional society, young people often learn from the experience in society to get on the right track. In this system, the age is often a disadvantage and burden, because the power pattern has been carved up, industry and social rules have been formulated, young people must meet the social rules in order to enter the pattern.

taking into account the Zhuozhou neighboring Beijing, but also played a "Beijing seven ring" slogan, and the subway opened soon, I decided to buy an area of about 100 square meters of the three bedroom, of course, the principal is sponsored by the family.

after two years, the stock realized, the success of more than a dozen times. I’ve been taking a small salary, and suddenly I’ve got so many cash checks, I feel so lucky,


did you have a holiday today,

two years later, the company successfully listed.

life now!

later, I left my job for personal reasons, bought a suite and a new car with this money, bought life insurance, and invested in the present work unit and became a shareholder of the new unit.

today, "truth finance" came to talk to you about how those young people earned one million.

as a just started after 90, I have some feelings since the start of business to share with you, but also to the Chinese Internet 20 years to pay tribute.


entrepreneurship does not necessarily require employment before you can start

first: original stock

at this time, there may be a youth said, "only earned 1 million, how can I leave".

today is the 54 youth day. Do you know what the cause of the 54 sports outbreak is? Because the only day of the May Day is three days. I haven’t played enough yet. I want to have a holiday. Fortunately, the State Council issued new regulations in 2008, 14 to 28 years of age youth can take a long day off.

Internet access China stretching back 20 years. In 20 years, China Internet emerged a large number of amazing entrepreneurs, from Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei, Ma Huateng, now heady, they brought Liu Qiangdong Lei, not the same color as the China business world. Today, this entrepreneurial baton has been passed to the hands of 90.

well, and the gap is so big, when you think of the next meal meal, rent, there have been a large number of 90 earned 1 million.


now, the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei into a major trend, the establishment of the new security zone, Zhuozhou >

you say the same is 90, and between the gaps so big? When you think of next meal meal, rent, there have been a large number of 90 earned 1 million. But how do those young people earn one million,

in modern society, especially in the Internet today after 20 years China, fresh experience of young people can directly integrate the Internet, become Internet aborigines, and often for the elderly, the migration transformation has become a painful experience, age has become a kind of burden. That’s why the oldest old people in the tribe are often the most authoritative of the tribes, and the Internet society will bring forth a series of Silicon Valley innovators, such as Zuckerberg.


2009, the company in Hebei, Zhuozhou developed commercial housing, the company employees enjoy the purchase of internal price welfare, housing prices at about 3200 yuan / square meter.

since the reform and opening up, China has gone through three ten years, the first ten years is the ideal high pitched ten years, the poet and the ideal nation is white

I was lucky when I was 26 years old to earn my first pot of gold, a little more than one million.

after I graduated from University, I worked for a company. Because of the good work, the leader let me buy the original stock. At that time, I do not understand the original stock, spent one hundred thousand dollars of which ten thousand is my work, ninety thousand parents funded, muddleheaded bought.

I worked in a real estate company in Beijing after graduation.

modern society is not an age of experience, but an age of technology and innovation. For example, in my field of work, the value network is a rule, and even the industry has not been completed, young people naturally promising.


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