How to avoid the site is down right

optimization excessive, too dense, this is also the reason is right down. Such a short time to add a similar article too much (to eat dead in this spider?), a short period of time to buy too many bright chain, adding speed of the chain too fast. Large area sends the low quality of the chain by bridge obtain flow, all these means, don’t play with fire, fire site will be right down, even by the K. Don’t think, spend a month to row to the first page, do Shanghai dragon, is to rely on time to wear. Do not reliable ranking, a short time after the ranking is up,

many website administrators or editors have this wrong, love and Meta change the site title, or even delete pages. Not mature, not good, not linked to the internet. If the content of your site search engines, it included into their database, you change the relevant content, you are cheating. Light decreased the weight of your site, while K was downgraded until.

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4: repeatedly modify and delete

1: the basic point. Site security.

3: the quality of

if your website, a malicious program is hanging horse, you must pay attention to. If the search engine to check out your site has trojan, your website included snapshot immediately stopped, can play back to bc. If this is the case, the search engine on your right down is the behoove. In order to avoid being right down, must do security work. Every 3 days, make a web site backup, you can also be diligent, backup is the most easy way.


2: optimization over

server provider, is also very important. Some of the services he will not manage your site speed, safety performance of website. They only care about money, just how many people give him money, he is able to put the website. A server on hundreds of websites, you can guarantee security? Risk each site is your risk, the hundreds of pages, you can be overcome in a safe? The server provider, and may steal your website information, database. Then you do the data transaction, site replication activity! Your hard development site, became a replica, will you? If this is the server, sorry, you must be very hard to make up the weight, up and down, up and down.


5: try not to the revision of the

a change is equal to a new station, you want your website to become new sites, then start from 0 ?

as a webmaster, to pay attention to the site included every day, keywords ranking, website weight like. Website weight is one of the foundations of the website ranking. There are certain weight flow, the flow must also have weight. The two are closely linked. Let me tell you how to prevent sudden site, site is down right.


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