Keep updating the content of a link occasionally ranks steadily

site optimization is very exquisite, the station optimization well, using the general layout is more effective, enterprise website content layout, Title

two, Links exchange

do well in the station optimization, updating the content mainly for industry related articles published, according to their title, a title to be, the network has no title, the content is the same, so there is also included for the. You can link several key words acquisition man I randomly inserted in the article, which would also help improve keyword ranking. The article is readable, just a few key words will appear randomly links only. But I think these articles will have customers to peruse, also do the basic search rankings.

, a content update

for relatives to free optimization, and want to find some simple and efficient methods, optimization of some special competition is not fierce words, so he optimization of the site is mainly used in two ways. First, keep updating the content, two, occasionally a link. The two methods of operation is relatively simple.


recently in the company’s website he help cousin optimization, mainly sales of machine parts, competition is not fierce, keyword search index is not high, but want to get ranked to something or not and many related websites in talent shows itself.

, then the content, open the keywords within the chain, keywords within the chain is a must. I use the dedecms program, the installation. Acquisition Xia and Ping plug-ins, although the acquisition Xia collection of plug-ins, but I haven’t used dedecms acquisition function, also do not need to update the content of every day, the human acquisition pseudo original release line. Although not used acquisition function, but use the chain function keywords dedecms acquisition Xia in the manual published articles can also be through the plug-in with the chain, very convenient. The Ping plug-in is necessary, post, Ping the first time to love Shanghai, which included.

at the same time I also opened a delivery dynamic column, using the automatic combination of city program this column content, the consignee and the commodity form an article, general release, change the content is city, consignee, and goods. All of these can make the program random combination, so that can do each article are not the same, you can organize their own voice, long winded, let more content words, related product name will be added to the corresponding commodity link, is conducive to ranking.

Links exchange is also very simple, add some link exchange group, send link exchange information, someone will find you exchange. Because I was new, what not included, but not what weight, so I dare not ask PR how much, how much weight, as long as the other website included, formal website, I will go to exchange links. If it is not peer peer better, it does not matter, more or less have some help. I will use the link exchange rankings keywords >

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