Why Shanghai dragon Er have transformation Shanghai dragon really has been a dead end

now purely to do more and more people in Shanghai Longfeng less, many people began to shake the Shanghai dragon a try in other areas, mainly mining more network marketing way. But some not into the deep Shanghai dragon Er will simply switch to leave the internet.

1, the popularity of social networks

, 3 other factors< >

of Shanghai Longfeng sentiment is not only the result of downhearted love Shanghai love Shanghai update, update only the direct reason, deep reasons have to return to the change of China Internet environment, mainly from the following aspects:

In fact, the

since the Tencent, various social platforms has become one of the most active domain of the internet. The so-called big data, it is mostly due to the outbreak of the data to promote social platform. The flow of information, micro-blog, QQ and so on all day people as the acme of perfection. In fact, this situation should be changed the pattern of the internet. Before the Internet traffic entrance basically is: two with a browser navigation and search engines, which are usually with site navigation inside the search box. Therefore, the essence of search is the maximum flow entrance, of course, can support a large number of Shanghai dragon. Now, all kinds of fragmented information like social networking platform above filled in as great scourges, also can easily enter the traditional HTML page on the social networking platform through the link, it will be scattered by the flow of the search box, and the rise of the powerful SNS marketing, it will grab the limelight to traditional marketing in Shanghai dragon.

is about the Shanghai dragon idea has begun to pop up, probably from the beginning of June 2012, the love of Shanghai started to increase the algorithm update efforts, even the webmaster said at the Shanghai headquarters of love rally protest. Of course, from that time, love Shanghai really clean many search results. But many traditional Shanghai dragon began half alive life, some people do not carry on the downhearted. So all about "Shanghai dragon no future" argument began to spread.

2, mobile Internet hit

mobile Internet is one of the most popular words in the field of science and technology, Chinese of several major Internet giants are like wolves like to snatch the mobile Internet territory, continue to strengthen the various mergers and acquisitions mobile layout. This menacing tide will of course on the traditional PC Internet impact, at least, was lost a lot of attention. In PC based on Web mode in the mobile terminal into a flying APP, many of the so-called web websites are not into the mobile phone screen in the mobile terminal, the so-called Shanghai dragon has completely changed, at least APP optimization without the magic Robin Li patent – PC end of Shanghai dragon hyperlink voting principle (may not be so called), without this hyperlink based ranking factors. The traditional Shanghai dragon is especially keen to send the chain of Shanghai dragon Er are of course a pot of cold water, my heart poured cold.

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