How to improve the efficiency of novice forum chain


The first step: to find the target

through the analysis of the second step, select some new snapshot, included the amount is relatively high, more active forum registration. The best is the theme for, if it is replies to grab the sofa. If a post reply has page, you may not need to reply. Because the search engine almost abandoned. Even if to capture its quality has been greatly reduced, don’t waste time on this. Emphasize that post must comply with the rules, do not necessarily have to get a post anchor text or URL links and articles in the signature of the effect is the same. Belong to the inside pages.

have a lot of customers should be how to operate? Should first analyze its data quality, objective response of the forum. 1, snapshots, volume: a direct response to the forum or spiders crawl frequency weight 2, the active forum forum is popular, is the quality of the post is not a dead forum 3, post is very important, even if the water paste love Shanghai included will be deleted soon.

stands in a new angle, should first learn how to find our target forum. What is the goal of the website forum? With their strong correlation of the forum, obtained outside the chain of higher quality.

open love Shanghai love Shanghai with advanced search commands: intitle or inurl. I think the latter is more intuitive. For example: inurl:bbs Shanghai dragon search results are as follows:

forum data analysis

to use the forum site to increase the chain is a thing a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Although the love of Shanghai forum outside the chain by reducing the power, but its advantage is to win. So many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners love. Do things to pay attention to the efficiency of the chain, to get higher quality in the shortest period of time, it must pay attention to skills. Each Shanghai dragon Er certainly will have their own set of methods, the author share today is how to do the chain forum.


Second step

through the above three steps can greatly improve the efficiency of. Do >


tip: when registered forum can first look at the forum signature, then turn a few posts, if no signature, prove that the forum can not bring the signature or is the need for high grade. Here you can choose to give up. In addition if registered in trouble, I recommend using the wizard button to create an automatic registration machine. This will greatly improve efficiency.

search results are included in the URL BBS and the title is included in the Shanghai dragon forum. The chain from these sites is the best for Shanghai dragon website.

the third step, the selection and implementation of

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