How to treat and subvert the traditional love Shanghai external optimization errors

we do not think the serious, because the external factors can be optimized, which can interfere with relatively strong external personnel. If because of external factors the website will be K, as long as do their duty, and then use the external factors to cheat rivals not to go down. The love of Shanghai has been know, so we can not worry about external optimization cheating place, in addition to a chain exchange, the most appropriate drop right last again. As for the consideration of what, I’ll tell you.

are there?

1, external optimization cheating will be serious? K?

outside the chain of high quality professional?? flow? Good user experience

Flow + + ?

2, really the chain the more the better

well, indeed. But the most effective is the high quality content, good user experience, and the combination of flow. Now we often encounter such sites, such as:

How do


These Fast lifting weight

professional website layout a poor user experience + increase of dozens of more than 4 of the weight of the chain weight or 1

professional website layout + content of several high quality chain chain + not much traffic + good user experience =10 days weight 1

= January

get a lot of traffic + user experience + enough content + a small amount of high quality the chain weight = January quickly increased to 4, ranking the first three

explains what the problem is? The user experience is superior to the chain, the content is still important, the chain can only be used wisely, use the right place right, not how when and where will the emperor.

3, we see the way

the above problems maybe some people do not understand, but this is a fact. About the external optimization, >

talking about external optimization before, ask you a few questions:


is not a chain the more the better evaluation conditions, your content can be the majority of users love, your website itself are eligible to bear so much outside the chain of qualification, will be burnt out, what is this qualification? User experience! A user experience is not good website, the website has no content the chain, the more will work with. Although not right down, may make you a waste of money.

professional website layout and content + good user experience +0 outside the chain of high quality =10 days weight 1

in order to reveal the elusive nature of love in Shanghai now, I will be the latest optimization details of our team finishing points to rapid included strategy, professional website strategy and external optimization formulation details to share to everyone, so that everyone in the thought love unrest in Shanghai can now have a clear understanding, respond. Today is the last one, the most serious place is also love Shanghai caught, we waste a lot of energy place, worthy of our attention!

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